Part-time Pinup

I was born Kristen Leigh Ortiz, in San Antonio, Tx, and was given the nickname Lil Miss KO very early on. I grew up living with my mother and grandmother, and frequently rummaged through my grandmother's vintage patterns, asking for her to make me dresses that I had no idea were popular decades before my time. 


My love for vintage clothes and kitchy decor stuck with me through college, but was entirely impractical and like most girls in their teens and twenties, I went for the cheap and trendy clothes. Also, dressing out of the "norm" was an invitation for ridicule. It wasn't until I moved out to Los Angeles that I truly felt accepted and that I could be who I wanted to be, dress how I wanted to dress, and play how I wanted to play. 


I wanted to create a place for girls and guys who are currently pinups, and those who are curious how to become a pinup. Here you can find quick answers to questions, and feel a sense of community with fellow pinups, car enthusiasts, etc.

My Story


photo by Mitzi and Co